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Like a carpool, But with tools.


Müsli kan faktiskt låta lika gott som den smakar.

The Fan Club

Creating Fans of Brands

RB Bilmontage


Some of the logos i'm proud with


Next Generation Design

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about Ehsan

I’m Ehsan Pourhadi, A web developer, Graphic designer and Producer from Iran providing digital solutions. I'm Based In Malmö, Sweden and currently work at Whitespace, creating meaningful websites and intranets.

I specialize in web development. In additon I have extensive knowledge in user interface design, logo/identity production as well as search engine optimization. Furthermore I also have a immense knowledge within multimedia and mobile development alongside a few other technical skills.

I’m always in the search for different concepts, platforms and techniques that I can utilize in order to obtain a much more richer and innovative multimedia experience. When I'm not on my PC I love to take pictures and play with my Arduino.


  • HTML(5)

    Excellent HTML knowledge - hand-coded, Cross browser(IE7+), No tables for non-tabular data, Offline app, WebStorage & Video/audio and API:s.
    Twitter Bootstrap
    Excellent Bootstrap knowledge - Making Website from scratch using Bootstrap, Components & Javascript functions.
  • CSS(3)

    Excellent CSS knowledge - hand-coded, Debugging with Firebug, Cross browser(IE7+),Font replacement, Grid, Media queries, Animation & Transition.
  • Javascript

    Strong JavaScript skills – Able to write unobtrusive custom code as well as implement existing plugins (carousels, sliders, table sorters etc.)
    JQuery (Mobile/UI)
    Excellent JQuery knowledge - Using it in allmost every website/app for stuff like: DOM Manipulation, AJAX, Datepicker, Slider, Tabs, Tooltip, UI Effects & etc.
    Backbone / Underscore.js / Angular
    Very basic knowledge - Trying to learn and waiting for projects that i can use it in.

    Strong AJAX/JSON skills - Making custom XHR calls with callback, Filtering JSON data & Uploading File using XHR2 formData.
  • Responsive

    Go Responsive or go home - Mobile First, Media queries, Image replacement & Font resizing.
  • SEO

    Excellent SEO knowledge - Search-friendly URLs, Content optimizing ,Link Building, Sitemap, Social media distribution, Meta tags, ALT tags & SERP.

Server Side

  • PHP

    Strong PHP skills - Using $_GET & $_POST, Database access using PDO & Sending HTML mails.
  • SQL

    Strong SQL skills - The usual SELECT, INSERT ,UPDATE, DELETE, WHERE, LIKE & ORDER.
  • Node.js

    Good Node.js skills - NPM, Real Time apps & Socket.IO.

Design Skills

  • Web

    Wireframing and prototyping using Photoshop & Photo Editing.
  • Graphic

    Branding and Identity, Business Card, Banner, 3D Mockups, Badges & Ribbons.
  • UI

    Understanding the relation between UI and UX, Mobile and web UI.
  • Print

    Flyer, T-shirt, Billboard.


  • Sublime

    My favorit text editor! Use it for zen-coding, Jquery snippets,Inline lint & CSS3 Prefixr.
  • Photoshop CS6

    My favorit pixel editor! Use it allmost every day for Photoediting, Prototyping, Web graphics, Mobile design & etc.
  • Cubase(5)

    Expert knowldge of Steinberg Cubase 5 , Recording, Editing, Mixing & Mastering.
  • Reason(5)

    Expert knowldge of Propellerheads Reason 5 , Making Instrumental from scratch, Editing, Mixing & Mastering.
  • Illustrator

    Good Adobe Illustrator skills - Making logos, SVG Images etc.
  • Flash (AS2)

    Good Adobe Flash skills - Making animated banners, Full Flash Websites & Using Advanced Movie Controls.
  • Cinema 4D

    Basic MAXON CINEMA 4D skills - Making 3D text & logos, Basic lighting & Rendering using Global Illumination.


  • Hermods2011

    Programming A and Database management course.

  • Glokala Folkshögskola2009

    Music production(Recording, Mixing, Mastering), Event planning and general working process in music industry.

  • Universitetsholmen's High School2008

    Electricity Program with focus on Automation(PLC programming, Control engineering & Pneumatic). I also took a Webdesign course.


  • Web Developer/Designer at The Fan Club2012 - Present

    Currently I'm working as a Web Producer in The Fan Club.

  • Freelance 2012

    Worked as freelancer for about a year. The whole idea was started with big ambition to help local businesses.

  • Web Developer/Designer at Next Generation Design2011 - 2010

    I worked as a designer/developer and also took care of management of servers and webhosting.